When you need to know if an individual or business owns any real estate property, Trace America is your source. PropertyCheck will determine all properties owned by a single person or company in one county, as well as the assessed property values according to the county record. Or, if you want to determine the owner of a specific property, we can do that too.

This search is conducted at the county record source which is the most accurate information for property ownership available.

At no additional charge, we also search the individual or business through a nationwide database containing millions of records to look for any matches that may help shed some light on your subject’s financial standing. The database includes aircraft, bankruptcies, judgments and liens, domain registrations, fictitious business names, government contracts, government SBA loans, merchant vessels, national corporations, national property ownership, professional licenses, social security death index, UCC liens, and unclaimed property.

Additional counties for the named individual or businesses or additional specific addresses in the same county can be added at a reduced rate.

If you also need to locate the subject and/or determine their current employer for wage garnishment, you need our full service AssetsCheck.

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