It’s no secret that some claimants fraudulently hide their prior medical history.  It’s an old, tired trick that can still be difficult to spot. They simply blame their prior medical problems on a recent accident, switch doctors and hospitals and hope no one finds out. Since many injuries don’t involve insurance claims, they won’t show up on an index search.  Their gamble can can cost an insurer a fortune because the disability is real and the special damages can be enormous. But this is one bet you don’t have to lose!

HospitalCheck uncovers hidden injuries by identifying the dates and locations of hospital facilities where the claimant has been admitted for emergency room visits, x-ray consults, and in-or out-patient admissions prior to the accident. Simply switching hospitals does not fool us. We skip the places they tell you about and look for the ones they don’t. You’ll get the prior medical information they would rather you didn’t!

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