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The Fraud Report

NC Woman Sentenced for Staged Accidents

by FraudReport 19. July 2017 05:05

A Wilmington woman was recently sentenced and is now headed to prison for 60 to 108 months for her role in staging two car accidents in 2015 and filing false insurance claims.

Jessica Denise Goodman, 40, pleaded guilty in New Hanover County Superior Court to one count of conspiracy to obtain property by false pretense, three counts of attempting to obtain property by false pretense and three counts of insurance fraud.

This was definitely a family affair. According to WECT News, Goodman, her daughter Shaquetta Williams, her mother Doris Canty, and other close friends, staged two “accidents;” one on October 10, 2015 and the other on December 4, 2015.

Goodman filed a claim with the insurance carrier for the other vehicle in the October 10 crash saying she did not know the driver and passenger of that vehicle, despite the fact that the passenger was Williams.

Investigators say she withdrew that claim and refiled it with her own carrier, saying the accident wasn't staged, though there was evidence telling the opposite story.

From the claim for the December accident, Goodman says she was driving the car involved, though it disappeared from the scene for over 40 minutes, after which it returned with her behind the wheel Williams as a passenger.

Goodman's insurance claim stated she lost more wages than she actually did, was injured in the exact same locations on her body as in the October accident, and that she never previously suffered such injuries.

This isn’t too new for Canty, as she was previously convicted of insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretense; the case against Williams is still pending.

Extase Pollock and Teresa Pollock, two other women also charged in the staged crashes, have both pled guilty to insurance fraud and obtaining or attempting to obtain property by false pretense.


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You Get a Hit Man, and You Get a Hit Man!

by FraudReport 22. June 2017 06:25

One Utah woman has definitely not learned her lesson, as she is in trouble for trying to hire a hit man, one who is currently in jail with her while she is serving a sentence for hiring a hit man. 

Linda Tracy Gillman, 69, is accused of offering a Salt Lake County Jail inmate part of the insurance money that she said she stood to inherit if her ex-husband died. Gillman is already facing charges of trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex, and she now faces even more charges after prosecutors say she asked a fellow inmate to kill the man she tried to hire the first time around.

Prosecutors say Gillman called herself "the bank" and said she could "make everything happen.”

According to US News, she told the inmate that she wants the man she originally hired to kill the ex-husband to disappear. The original man is now the primary witness against her in a felony criminal solicitation case filed in January.

Gillman said if the witness ends up dead, then she could walk free; she then gave the inmate an address of a condominium where she said he could be found. Authorities say the inmate ended the conversation once she realized Gillman wanted her to kill the witness.

Police said in December 2016 that she planned to pay $25,000 in life insurance money to have her ex-husband and his new wife killed. Investigators said she wanted the deaths to look accidental or due to a break-in.

In her first case, Gillman was charged with two counts of felony criminal solicitation. Last month she was given the additional charge of felony Attempted Obstruction of Justice.

Police say she previously denied the allegations of trying to plan her former husband's death.

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