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The Fraud Report

CA Woman Sentenced for Fake Burn Claim

by FraudReport 26. May 2015 07:04

A 38-year-old California resident, who was accused of fraudulently claiming that hot coffee was spilled on her at a McDonald's drive-thru, has been sentenced to five years probation.

According to the Daily Press, Selena Edwards pled no contest last month to two counts of felony insurance fraud. An additional 12 related charges were dismissed as part of the plea bargain.

Edwards was arrested on January 28, 2013, a while after she filed an injury claim against McDonald's, which she said was responsible for alleged second-degree burns to her right hand.

She claimed that when she was handed a cup of coffee at a drive-thru, an unsecured lid caused the coffee to spill onto her right hand, the California Department of Insurance said when they announced the charges in November.

To support her claim, Edwards submitted photographs of a hand with second-degree burns, but the state Insurance Department said detectives learned that some of those photographs were simply copied from a hospital website. Edwards also sent in counterfeit documentation for treatment that she claimed to have received from a local hospital.

State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a statement, "by copying legitimate burn photos from the Internet, Edwards attempted to make a profit from another person's pain and suffering and for this she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

Edwards served one day at the WestValleyDetentionCenter for booking and release. On top of the five years of probation, she was also ordered to perform 200 hours of community service and pay $1,955 to National Fire Insurance Co. for the false claim.

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CA Police Officer Charged with Fraud due to Ice Bucket Challenge

by FraudReport 11. May 2015 11:33

I’m sure we have all heard of, or maybe even know someone who participated in, the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Its purpose was to promote awareness and raise money for Lou Gehrig's disease. And it did so; due to the fact that over $100 million was collected from over 3 million people who donated to the ALS Association. But there is one California cop who participated in the Challenge and definitely shouldn’t have.

According to the NY Daily News, Police Officer Jaime Robison was charged with insurance fraud, after posting a video of herself doing the "Ice Bucket Challenge" while out on disability for a back injury.

Robison, 39, was receiving disability benefits when she allegedly lifted a 5-gallon bucket of ice water and dumped it over a fellow officer, the Los AngelesCountyDA's Office said. Investigators say the bucket weighed about 40 pounds.

Deputy District Attorney Arunas Sodonis of the Healthcare Fraud Division said Robison is also accused of exaggerating injuries in 2012 so she could collect up to $117,000 in disability benefits.

Robison, who joined the Pasadena police force in 2004, pleaded not guilty on May 1st to four counts of insurance fraud. Pasadena’s Police Chief, Phillip Sanchez, says the claims against Robison are an "isolated incident." He added, they're "not reflective of the hard-working employees of the Pasadena Police Department who report to work daily and discharge their duties professionally.”

"We recognize the State's Workers' Compensation Services as a vital program to assist all persons legitimately injured while on the job," Sanchez said. "It is an essential benefit for injured persons needing the program's aid."

The police department noted that Robison was put on administrative leave back in September. Her bail was set at $40,000. She will face up to six years and four months in prison if convicted. She is scheduled to return to court on June 10th.

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