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The Fraud Report

Two CA Women Arrested and Charged in 500K Fraud

by FraudReport 22. April 2015 05:11

Two California women, who worked for AmTrust North America, have been arrested and charged for their roles in a scam that allegedly netted them over $500,000 in fraudulent payments.

District Attorney George Gascón announced the arrests of Catherine Gregoire, 52, and Adela Delores Belfrey, 52, on April 13th. Belfrey was arrested at her place of employment on April 12th by investigators with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office. Gregoire was simultaneously being arrested by officers with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, when she arrived by plane coming into the Oakland Airport from Los Angeles.

Gascón said, “The workers compensation system protects employees who are injured on the job and need assistance to make ends meet. Undermining that system for personal gain jeopardizes this important protection for individuals who are truly in need.”

According to, Gregoire, an ex-employee of AmTrust, is alleged to have created several fake “shell” companies, under which she submitted a hundred and thirty-seven fraudulent invoices. Those invoices were then allegedly secretly approved by Belfrey, a senior claims adjuster at AmTrust.

Over an eight month period, Gregoire and Belfrey executed a scheme which resulted in over $528,058 of company funds being deposited into bank accounts controlled by Gregoire. According to court records, Gregoire paid $134,776 in cash for a 2014 Mercedes G 550 with funds that are alleged to have been fraudulently received from Amtrust North America. The vehicle was seized during the execution of the search warrant by District Attorney Investigators.

Belfrey’s arraignment was scheduled for April 14th. She remains in custody on $325,000 bail and is charged with fifteen felonies, including conspiracy to defraud another, false and fraudulent claims, claims adjuster fraud, insurance fraud, grand theft of personal property by false pretenses, forgery, money laundering, and identity theft. Gregoire is charged with thirteen felonies, including conspiracy to defraud another, false and fraudulent claim, claims adjuster fraud, insurance fraud, grand theft of personal property by false pretenses, forgery, and money laundering.

The arrests were the result of an extensive investigation by Senior Investigator William Jespersen of the San Francisco DA’s Office, Bureau of Investigations. Assistant DA Dennis Chow is prosecuting the case.

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OK Man Charged with Fraud for Staging Accidents

by FraudReport 13. April 2015 10:14

An Oklahoma man was recently charged with nine counts of filing a false insurance claim. He is alleged to have caused various fender-benders with senior citizens in front of several different stores.

According to KFOR News, Investigators claim Latroy Staglin caused fender-benders with senior citizens in front of stores, such as CVS, Honey Baked Ham, Michael’s, Crest and Homeland.

“I looked, and there wasn’t anybody there, and then I started backing out and bam,” said Kenneth Lyle, who hit Staglin’s car outside a Homeland store. He says he exchanged information with the suspect, who then didn’t even use his real name, only to find out later that the accident had actually been staged.

Lyle said his insurance company called him and refused to pay the claim because it was a “fraud situation.”

Pauline had a similar situation at a Crest Foods store, stating, “I started to back up and just got a little ways out of the parking space and there was a thump.”

According to court records, the suspect submitted fraudulent claims, worth thousands of dollars each, with various insurance companies, including State Farm, Safeco, Geico, Allstate and Farmers.

A search of Staglin’s criminal history shows that he has numerous convictions for white-collar crimes, though he has received mostly suspended sentences in the past.

His latest victims hope this time he finally spends significant time behind bars. Pauline said, “I do hope that they can take care of it and get him off of the streets.”

“It looks like he was preying on older individuals that had new cars, so that’s very frustrating,” said Lyle. “I’m glad to see that somebody is after him now.”

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