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Former NJ Firefighter Charged With Disability Fraud

by FraudReport 24. March 2015 07:02

New Jersey’s state pension fund is about $82,000 smaller, allegedly due to a former firefighter who is accused of fraudulently obtaining that money while working as a martial arts instructor and participating in competitive mixed martial arts.

According to CBS News, Shane Streater could face up to 10 years in prison if he’s convicted on a charge of theft by deception. His Saint Patrick’s Day wasn’t so happy, as he was served with a summons in the case on March 17th; he wasn’t arrested, Attorney General John Hoffman’s office said.

Hoffman stated, “It is outrageous that this former firefighter was showing off his prowess in mixed martial arts, all the while that he was lying about a disability and collecting benefits from the firemen’s pension system. His conduct was a slap in the face of his colleagues in the fire department, who continued to risk their lives to protect the public and honestly earn their pay.”

Officials say Streater applied for an accidental disability pension back in 2009. The 40-year-old claimed to be disabled from back and/or neck injuries due to two accidents while on the job. One was a December 2007 car accident involving the fire truck he was riding in, and the other was from March 2008 when his fire truck collided with a pole.

Based largely on statements from Streater regarding his inability to engage in physical activity, an independent doctor found he had a total and permanent disability. But the doctor also found that his disability was from a preexisting condition and not work related.

In January 2010, Streater was awarded a regular disability pension by the New Jersey Police and Firemen’s Retirement System Board. However, he appealed that ruling, insisting that he was disabled due to work-related incidents, and therefore entitled to an accidental disability pension.

The difference being that a regular disability pension pays 40 percent of salary and is taxed, while an accidental disability pension is untaxed and pays two-thirds of the beneficiary’s salary.

However, while receiving this disability pension, state officials said they eventually discovered that Streater had been teaching jiu jitsu two or more times a week at a mixed martial arts academy.

On top of that, they also found a YouTube video of him participating in a highly competitive tournament called Grapplers Quest in 2010. Upon further investigation, the attorney general’s office discovered that Streater had been awarded his black belt in jiu jitsu that same year, while collecting disability.

The retirement system board revoked Streater’s disability pension in April 2012, though he had already collected a total of $82,488.

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Updates on 2 Previous Stories: Vegas Pet Shop Owner gets at least 5 Years for Arson; NY Doctor was Cleared of Role in $279M Insurance Fraud Ring, Now Suing Government

by FraudReport 18. March 2015 10:41

Back in October, we brought you a “tail” of woe about 27 dogs that were living in southwest Las Vegas at the Prince and Princess pet shop, which the owner attempted to burn down. All the dogs survived, but the store owner and her accomplice are now getting sentenced to some much deserved jail time. You can read our first story about this by clicking here.

A former Las Vegas pet shop owner who was caught on surveillance video torching her business before 27 puppies and dogs were rescued last year failed to sway her sentencing judge with a courtroom announcement Wednesday that she was three months pregnant.

According to the Star Tribune, Clark County District Court Judge David Barker said he thought Gloria Eun Hye Lee, 36, was using her pregnancy to try to get him to give her a lesser sentence. If that was her ploy, it didn’t work; Barker sentenced Lee to 5 to 14 years in state prison, which is nearly the maximum that prosecutor Shanon Clowers was asking for.

Clowers accused Lee of using her pregnancy to try and manipulative a "get-out-of-jail-free card."

Lee told the court that the father of her child was her husband, from whom she was estranged at the time of the January 2014 fire, and whom she once tried to blame for the crime.

Store security video showed Lee removing files in an office while co-defendant Kirk Bills poured liquid on the floor around locked kennel cages and ignited it.

Lee pleaded guilty in October to arson, insurance fraud and attempted animal cruelty charges in a plea deal that had 28 other charges against her dismissed.

Bills, 28, pled guilty to arson and attempted animal cruelty. According to CBS News, he was sentenced on March 2nd to 4 to 10 years in prison, though defense attorney Roger Bailey asked for leniency and a two-to-five year sentence.

Clark County District Court Judge David Barker said Bills lit the match to start the January 2014 fire at the Prince and Princess pet shop in southwest Las Vegas.



Dr. Mark Shapiro, who was cleared of his role in a $279 million insurance-fraud ring, is now suing the federal government, alleging that prosecutors ruined his reputation.

During this scheme, many automobile insurance companies were conned out of hundreds of millions of dollars by, among other things, the participants creating and operating medical clinics that provided unnecessary and excessive medical treatments in order to take advantage of New York’s No-Fault Law.

According to the NY Daily News, Shapiro is seeking $100 million for his alleged malicious prosecution. The Brooklyn doc says the feds brought the case against him and then strung him along for nearly two years, knowing full well they didn’t have sufficient info to incarcerate him.

“The government knew all along that it did not have any evidence to support the charges, but the government refused to consider this until the eve of trial,” attorney Glen Kendall said in a statement Monday.

Shapiro also claims that the investigation into his alleged role in the scheme revealed a conspiracy in which “law enforcement is used as a tool by the insurance industry to arrest, indict and prosecute targeted doctors and others to maximize insurance companies’ profits.” Several insurance companies are also named in the suit.

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