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Fight Back Against Fraud!

For over 30 years, Trace America has been devoted exclusively to providing anti-fraud reports for casualty insurers, defense attorneys and self-insured corporations. Our focus in one area has lead to developing innovative processes for uncovering information that your claimant would probably prefer remained hidden.


Though our animated creations depict various fraud schemes in a humorous light, there is nothing funny about insurance fraud as it costs our society billions of dollars each year - costs that are passed on to all insurance policyholders. For decades Trace America has provided insurance claims professionals, risk managers, and defense attorneys with reports that assist in settling questionable claims or defeating them entirely. If you enjoy these, stay tuned for more episodes!

Episode One: The Exaggerated Injury

Follow the adventures of fraud star Cliffy Bilker and his attorney Lance Chaser as they attempt to turn a minor misfortune into a pot of gold!

Episode Two: The Prior Injury

Cliffy and Lance are at it again as they try to pin an old problem on an unsuspecting employer!

Episode Three: Double Dippin'

Cliffy hatches a plot to go out on workers' comp and start that home improvement business he always dreamed of. How will it end?

License Number A2100259

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