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9 Arrested, 9 Wanted in Louisiana, Accused of Insurance Fraud

by FraudReport 11. November 2015 08:58

Last week, Louisiana State Troopers tried to clean up New Orleans a bit by attempting to serve 18 different arrest warrants for suspects involved in intentional crashes.

The hunt for those with warrants ended in almost a dozen independent investigations. Louisiana State Police (LSP) Detectives worked with investigators and representatives from different insurance companies. The total cost from the fraudulent claims is estimated to be over $165,000, according to ABC News.

Below is a list of arrests of New Orleans residents:

  • Brandon Jarrow, 23
  • Faith Williams, 18
  • Moses Barracks, 31
  • Lawrinisha McFadden, 28
  • Nelree Williams, 43
  • Norris Livas, 23
  • Temica Walker, 31
  • Ashley Green, 32– conveniently already incarcerated when the warrant was served
  • Rennada Ramee, 27– also conveniently already incarcerated

The following suspects, listed with their cities of residence, remain wanted by LSP Insurance Fraud Investigators:

  • Keith Robertson, 38, New Orleans, LA
  • Samara Egana, 29, New Orleans, LA
  • Archshana Young, 28, Harvey, LA
  • Danion Green, 37, New Orleans, LA
  • Tyron McClow, 39, New Orleans, LA
  • Albert Davidson, 64, New Orleans, LA
  • Ryan Clark, 30, New Orleans, LA
  • Colleen Brown, 34, New Orleans, LA
  • Eric Kenner, 35, LaPlace, LA

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TN Soldier Accused of Conspiring to Murder Toddler

by FraudReport 9. November 2015 06:11

A Tennessee man was recently accused of conspiring to murder his stepson. One of the largest red flags was the life insurance policy he took out on the toddler before the child was murdered.

David Wi was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Homicide for conspiring to murder 2-year-old Joseph Bankston on October 4, 2015, the month he should have had his third birthday. On October 16th, Clarksville Police Department Homicide detectives were assisted by the Ft. Campbell CID and secured an arrest warrant for Wi, 23.

It was reported that on October 4, 2015, an unknown person entered a Princeton Drive home shooting Brandon Jimenez several times and intentionally shooting and killing 2-year-old Joseph Bankston.n October 4th, an unknown person entered a home and shot Brandon Jimenez, who was dating the child’s mother, several times, after which he also intentionally shot and killed Bankston. According to, Zackery Alexander, 22, was charged with murdering the child and in the shooting of Brandon Jimenez, 22, a medic with the 86th Combat Support Hospital at Fort Campbell.

Alexander and Wi were also soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell.

The toddler's grandmother, Rachel Bankston, said the child's mother, Alicia Bankston, "left Wi in December and moved back in with her, bringing Joseph and the couple's 1-year-old daughter, Lily Wi. About five months ago, Alicia Bankston began dating Jimenez, who was shot multiple times but survived."

Rachel Bankston added, "The sad part, the part that is most hurtful, is he seemed to love Joseph and kids in general, so this is devastating. I am beyond disgusted and hurt and can't understand why he did this." 

According to the Clarksville Police Department’s Facebook page,The investigation has revealed that Wi conspired with Zachary Alexander in the murder of Joseph Bankston and the shooting of Brandon Jimenez.”The investigation has revealed that Wi conspired with Zackery Alexander in the murder of Joseph Bankston and the shooting of Brandon Jimenez This arrest is in connection to the October 4th murder of 2-year-old Joseph Bankston. Wi is a soldier stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, and is the stepfather to Joseph Bankston.

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