Surveillance video often reveals a claimaint, who appears to be disabled at the doctor's office, at work or at play.  Problem is, surveillance is very costly and unfortunately, it is limited to the present tense.  Your claimant may not be working at the moment, but what were they doing six months ago, or six months from now?  You want to know the details of when and where they are working, or their leisure activities, but you also don't want to break the bank.

WorkCheck is your alternative.  This service uncovers hidden employment without the expense of surveillance. We'll find out where and when the claimant has been working since the accident - even if the claimant is working under the table. We'll include details on sports and recreational activities if they are not working, but should be. Many times our investigation leads to work or activities the claimant will be doing in the near future, which makes capturing that work or activity on video child's play. 

WorkCheck is our premier service and widely used throughout the industry for workers' compensation claims where employment is a key issue.

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