For over 30 years, Trace America has been devoted exclusively to providing anti-fraud reports for casualty insurers, defense attorneys and self-insured corporations. Unlike most investigative firms, we do not represent plaintiff attorneys or their clients and do not handle criminal defense or domestic relations assignments. 


Our focus in one area has lead to developing innovative processes for uncovering information that your claimant would probably prefer remained hidden.  The world is filled with information.  Information that is useless until you find it. But finding it takes time and resources that most claim offices do not have. That is where Trace America comes in.


We are a high-tech investigative firm that specializes in knowing how and where to look for facts critical to defending your claim.  If your goal is to reduce the dollars paid toward unwarranted or fraudulent claims, we can help.  Obtaining sound intelligence makes all of the difference.


We continue to push the boundaries of investigative technology by developing exciting and innovative products to fight back against fraud.

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